Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Recap

Monthly recap, May Edition!

Miles ran: 75.0 (lowest since January, which was expected given the taper and post-race rest)
Rest days: 19 (yikes!)
Highest mileage week: 33.5 (the week of the race)
Long runs: 2
Pace workouts: 1
XT days:  1, but does painting my kitchen count? Because I did that over the weekend. 
Tempo or interval runs: I did one hill interval workout pre-race
Favorite run: it was only part of the day's run, but probably the March of Dimes 5k. New PR, a good cause, and an award!  (edited after I realized the 5k was actually in April.) The 6.3 miles I ran last weekend where I found my pace
Current goal: set up my next training plan while everything is still fresh, and maintain a 20 mile/week base until I start training again.  
Current obsession: waiting for our new sofas to arrive! I've purchased accessory decor items, painted the adjoining kitchen, and can't stop trying to envision the finished room! At the 1-year mark in this house (late June), I want to feel like at least the downstairs is pulled together and really feels finished. Have I mentioned that I LOVE decorating?!?
Current need: A bunch of organizational bins for when I attack the upstairs! I'm going to go all Monica on our storage space. Oh, and I need a freaking haircut. STAT.
Current excitement: Some exciting things going on at work, mostly. NERD ALERT.  
Current bane of my existence:  Nothing even worth mentioning. Life is good!
Current wish list: Some new mp3s. I really don't have an excuse, I just need to do it. 
Current indulgence: The 4 pairs of shoes I purchased recently. What?! I said I needed new shoes last month!


B.o.B. said...

i too need a haircut stat! oh and painting and decorating totally count as working out. they burn tons of calories....so long as you aren't eating pizza while doing so. lol!

Marlene said...

Congrats on a great month!! Are you loving being off a plan for a little while? I do miss "training mode" but it's refreshing also!

And shoes are a very worthy indulgence!