Monday, May 30, 2011

Find your wings and soar

It's true--I have a low grade obsession with Target. Pretty much every weekend I go to Target to buy household goods and some of our week's groceries. Yesterday while walking through I saw a little square piece of wall art inspirational decor that said
find your wings and soar

For a split second in my mind, it read as
find your wings and sore

And I thought to myself, that's exactly what this week was like. 

Lately I've been noticing that my stride has gotten shorter and it's gotten much easier to run mile after mile at about a 9 minute pace. One of my coaches back in Illinois said he'd never correct our gait because it would correct itself to seek efficiency eventually. I think I've finally arrived at "eventually." I think I've finally hit my stride, so to speak (is that even a pun? or the literal use of the phrase? I'm not even sure). 

On Saturday I went out to hit my 6.3 mile loop and was amazed to finish it faster than ever without feeling like I was even pushing the pace. Mile after mile, it just ticked off: 9:07, 8:47, 8:35, 8:34, 8:38, 8:45, 0.3 mi @ 8:49 pace. Total of  6.3 miles @ 8:45 avg. pace. My calves were a little sore on Sunday. So when I walked through Target and saw that decor, I knew it was literally my sign to write this post. :)


Marlene said...

Love it!

And AWESOME that you are finding your "stride" - finding faster paces with ease. What a great feeling when it just sneaks up on you like that!

Dave Whinnem said...

Thats awesome Joanna...Grreat post and I'm glad you "found" your stride....Keep your head up and keep smiling. :-)

Jodi H said...

I love it when there are "signs" all around! Great job!

Run Jess Run said...

I love Target. Luckily, the nearest one is 90 minutes away so I'm not as poor as I could be. College was a different story...I could walk to Target (and did!)

Jessie said...

I am also a fellow Target addict! I have been working on mine going up hills. Kara talks about it a little in her book and I thought Id try it out and wow does it make a difference!