Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taper? What taper?

It just hit me today that I'm tapering. I think I've been in denial. Then today I looked at the training plan and realized that there's no pace run tomorrow, just a short, easy run. No speed workout next Wednesday. And holy crap, the race is in TEN DAYS. I need to be storing up glycogen and hydrating, resting, and getting mentally prepared. It's time!

Taper madness will come. I think my denial is a form of taper madness all by itself. The taper is change, and change is scary*. Training has gone well, can't I just keep doing that? ha! I'm thrilled about the upcoming test, but there are doubts. We all have doubts. And the taper is the time to chase them away, to reflect on all that you've done and get your head in the game once and for all. It's time.

So I ordered my pace bands (and I'm still not ready to tell you what they say--sorry!). Checked the extended forecast for Cleveland, which I will do every day from now until then. The countdown is ON!

* I actually love change and thrive on it. Changes in training are scary, but absolutely thrilling too. 


Marlene said...

Denial: the newest form of taper madness. hehe!

Rest up! SO SOON!

Running Around Acres said...

Taper, you don't need no stinking taper. You Are an athlete, a runner.

Your time has been on my whiteboard for two weeks. Let's see how close I get.

By the way I have decided to run with friends tomorrow. Joy run. No PR.

Black Knight said...

Tapering is a magic word, you can "rest" and you don't feel guilty.

Jodi H said...

Looking forward to meeting you! Have a great final week!!