Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Recap

Yep, it's a two-fer Sunday. You know I couldn't miss doing an April Recap. 'Cause April was kind of a big deal. :)

Miles planned/ran: 165.4/148.5 (easily my highest mileage month EVER!)
Rest days planned/taken: 5/8
Highest mileage week: 42.7 (also a new record)
Long runs planned/ran: 5 (counting the Martian Half)/4 (life happened, which was OK!)
Pace workouts planned/ran: 3/3 
XT days planned/done: 4/1 
Tempo or interval runs planned/ran: 3/3
Favorite run: Oh, it's a tough call between the perfect 18-miler and my favorite speed workout, but I think the award has to go to the 18-miler.
Current goal: CLEVELAND, finishing healthy, happy, and at a time I'm not quite ready to admit yet. :)
Current obsession: making a to-do list of house projects for the week after the race
Current need: new worky work shoes
Current excitement: Uh, everything?!? Cleveland, fast approaching the "slow season" at work, using/wearing all the fun stuff I got for my birthday, yesterday's new 5k PR, the kiddo's upcoming birthday, etc. 
Current bane of my existence: the butt pain (THANK YOU Jessie for the advice!). Massage on Tuesday should help. 
Current wish list: a magical 8-ball that will accurately predict the weather in Cleveland, Ohio for May 15
Current indulgence: food (I may have started the crazy taper-fueled eating binge already), and still shopping for house things.  


Stephanie said...

there is a free iphone app that is a magic 8 ball. it is weirdly accurate when I ask it questions. Super creepy :)

Run Jess Run said...

Great job this month!

Marlene said...

Not quite ready to admit the time goal - that has been me for months! hehe

Congrats on a BIG April and here is to a great May with a killer race at Cleveland!

B.o.B. said...

kudos on your big month. i also need new worky work shoes. lol!

see you in cleveland! i'm sure you're gonna do great!