Wednesday, September 17, 2008

many miles in between

There have been many miles in between blog posts. Time has gotten away from me since I started back to work!

Mixing training and going back to work, along with raising Elliot and catching up on various projects, has proven to be a challenge in time management. So far it's going....okay. Not fabulous, but okay. I haven't figured out how to work in a Monday run just yet. Tuesdays I think I'm going to schedule cross-training in the middle of the afternoon, as a break from work (it worked this week). Wednesdays I've accepted that I won't see my son very much, since I run when I get home. Fridays Meg and I are meeting at 4 to run. I lose a little bit of work time with this plan, but so far I've been able to make it up in the evenings at home.

I'm pleased about my return to mid-week workouts (aka speed workouts). Three weeks ago I went to a mid-week workout with the team. The week after that it rained and I had Elliot with me, so I skipped it. Last week and this week (today) I did the mid-week on my own. Tonight I ran a 1.25 mile warm-up then 4x800 followed by a brief cool-down. I ran each of the 800s in 4:15-4:20. I'm going to check my time from last year to see how that compares.

Long runs are coming along too. This past Saturday we hit eight miles. It was HARD, but part of that was the crazy humidity. We're doing eight again this weekend. I'm hopeful that it will be easier. We have only about a month to go until the race!

On the fundraising front, I had a yard sale a week and a half ago that raised $211. I am still working on selling some additional items, like a camera and a nice decorative bench. I expect the final amount to be closer to $300. I'm also planning a bake sale and we're working on a team fundraiser. So, it's coming!

In non-running news, I'm an aunt! Nadia Simone Paulson was born on September 15 at 10:48pm in Detroit. We are very anxiously awaiting pictures! Congratulations Kirsten and Dan!! The morning after Nadia's birth I wanted to send flowers. Not knowing a good florist in their area, I decided to call the hospital for a recommendation.
Me: "Hello. My brother and sister-in-law had a baby there last night. I'd like to send them flowers. Could you recommend a florist? Is there someone you work with?"
Receptionist: "You're calling for your brother? Is he a patient here?"
Me: "No, no. He and his wife had a baby there last night. I'm trying to send some flowers. Do you have any information on a florist I might use?
Receptionist: "What's her name?"
Me: "Kirsten Paulson."
Receptionist: "Ok, I'll connect you to her room."
Me: "No, no, I don't need to talk to her or bother her. I'm just trying to send flowers. Is there a florist the hospital works with?"
Receptionist: "Oh, you want to send flowers. I can give you the phone number for a florist."
Me: "Yeah, thanks."

Also, I am two pages (one spread) and a few captions away from being FINISHED with my wedding scrapbook (finally! three plus years later!). After I finish that, I will be moving on to baby albums for Nadia and Elliot. After that, I'll be knitting a Christmas stocking for Elliot. I have quite the agenda lined up! And I'm looking forward to all of it.