Monday, April 23, 2012

Mondays in Love: Recovery, Baby Love

I'm going to come out and say what no one ever says: child birth is violent. Beautiful and violent. Recovery is easier when the delivery goes more smoothly, yes, but it's hard no matter what. There are the immediate physical issues to get through and the longer-term road to weight loss. This past week I have been thankful for progress made along my path to recovery and getting to spend lots of time cuddling my amazing baby boy.

Being a runner has served me well. Being in the habit of running 3-4 times per week has translated into getting outside for walks as often as the weather allows. I've walked as many of my errands in the past week as was possible--to our corner grocery store, to the post office, bank, and to lunch. We also took a short family walk this weekend. Each walk has been about 1 mile or less and I have felt great about each one. I haven't been keeping track of distance but plan to start. It's what I'm capable of right now and I'm claiming it!

Finally, congrats to Marla, who won the Baby Pool! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wordless Whatever Day It Is

I know a lot of you do Wordless Wednesdays and this would be well suited to that. Well, my days are all basically one big blur at the moment so I'm gonna do a mostly-wordless-whatever-day-this-is! I have a 10-day old--I get to pretend it's whatever day I want! :)

Without further intro, a few pics from my maternity photo shoot from a few weeks ago. All photos were taken by Love & Life Photography.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing Baby!

On Monday evening I was trying to talk myself into writing an upbeat post about how I was nearly a week past my due date and there was no baby, but that was ok, when really I was getting a little bit down about it. But before I got a chance to write the post, my water broke. A mere 4.5 hours later, we welcomed this incredible, beautiful, 9lb. 6oz. miracle into our lives.

Baby and I are both doing well and adjusting to being home. More coming soon!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy things really pregnant women do

Or at least, I do.

#1: Wear my mother's muumuu from the early 1970s
This thing is so unreasonably comfortable, I don't even care that it's so hideous it's almost chic again.

Aside from the fact that it's giant pink and yellow roses on black polyester, this dress actually holds a lot of sentimental value for me--it's a long, complicated story and y'all might think I was crazy if I shared it anyway. And PS, I have no idea how my Mom ever wore this. She's 5-6 inches shorter than I am, and even 9 months pregnant, it's still floor length on me. And no, I did not wear this outside of my house. The horror!

#2: Buy a steamer vacuum
Our house is all hard wood floors, so as my neighbor said, "What in the world do you think you're going to steam clean?" We have area rugs! Including an ivory one in the living room that does not come clean enough with a standard vacuum. And I can use it in the foyer, steps, couches, etc. What? So maybe, yes, I had the carpets in our old house professionally cleaned right before The Kiddo was born. And yes, maybe I over-did by mopping a few weeks ago and hurt my back. And maybe at 9 months pregnant I purchased a steamer vac. 

#3: Seriously consider using a ladder and power tools
I haven't posted pictures of the nursery yet because the curtain isn't up yet (there are blinds, not to fear). Hanging it requires installing curtain hooks, which involves at least a step ladder and a drill. I mentioned my plans to do this today when a friend called to check up on the baby status and she swiftly informed me how great she is with power tools, that her afternoon tomorrow is wide open, and that I should sit the hell back down on the couch. I'm really bad at sitting still--we know this. But alas, I sat back down. No cause for alarm. Or a 437th text message from my Mom. 

As this post implies, my due date has come and gone and still we wait for Baby Brother. I have to admit that I'm getting a little impatient, but I know he will come soon enough. Thank you all SO much for your lovely comments of encouragement and well wishes! Maybe tomorrow?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mondays in Love: A March Recap

I know, I'm wearing the Mondays in Love theme a little thin by claiming a March Recap. But truthfully, I'm so unbelievably happy to have a March recap, that I'm going to claim it as a legit LOVE post.

**Disclaimer** I am writing this on Sunday night and setting it to auto-post. At this point there is no update on Baby Brother. Stay tuned and if you're the praying sort, please keep me/us in your prayers for a safe and speedy birth!! I'm officially due on Tuesday. 

Miles ran/walked: 23 (although I didn't count all of my walking around the neighborhood--if it was less than a mile or so I didn't count it)

# workouts: 8

Favorite run: Undoubtedly my 3.1 mile run/walk on the 15th. It was my last pregnant run and I 100% enjoyed it! I love that I could run at 37 weeks pregnant. That seriously makes me so, so happy! 

Current obsession: I will give you one guess. When is this baby going to show up?!? We are ready! 

Pregnancy Update
# weeks: 39.5/40 (basically 9 months)

Weight gained: ~28 lb. 

How this has affected running, life, etc.: At this point the pregnancy has more or less affected everything about life. It has meant a halt to running and on most days even walking requires that I stop every now and then for a Braxton-Hicks (not real) contraction or other related aches and pains. It has meant that work has finally slowed down (I'm officially on leave beginning Tuesday or tomorrow if Baby Brother decides to come a day early). It has meant lunches with girlfriends celebrating the upcoming birth. 

It has meant savoring these last days before The Kiddo becomes a big brother, and making these days as fun for him as we can. This has meant extra Kiddo-Mommy baking time and trips to the Science Center and Zoo. That has been wonderful. 

I want to be honest about what this is like--the good and bad. It's uncomfortable, yes--I have heartburn. I'm crazy hormonal. I wake up at least 3x/night to pee. I have to sleep sort of propped up for the first part of the night to keep the heartburn in check. I have the land speed record of maple syrup. I'm eating like 85% carbs (at least that's what it seems like) because most of the time real food is not appetizing. Even my maternity pants are kinda uncomfortable, so I'm mostly just rotating between my 4 warm-ish weather maternity dresses and doing laundry more often. Yes, these things are true. 

But when the doctor asked if I wanted to be induced, the answer was "absolutely not." And not just because I don't want unnecessary meds, but because I am absolutely savoring this. There is no magic in the world like this. The wonder, the curiosity, and the absolutely surreal reality that our lives will so dramatically change so quickly, and so soon. It's not like anything else in the world.