Monday, February 28, 2011

February recap

Welcome to my first ever monthly recap! A lot of firsts here recently--so fun. :) I'm stealing borrowing this format from the many of you who use it, with a few minor adjustments so it fits me. Thanks for the inspiration!

Miles planned/ran: 98/90
Rest days planned/taken: 8/10
Highest mileage week: 30.3
Long runs planned/ran: 4/3
Pace workouts planned/ran: 4/3 (did one as EZ by mistake)
XT days planned/done: 4/4
Tempo or interval runs planned/ran: 2/2
Favorite run: I'm gonna have to say my Tempo run from last week. (read it here)
Current goal: Get better about pacing my pace runs!
Current obsession: My Nike Be Strong Dri-fit pants. I love them so much.
Current need: A technical fabric ear warmer/head band
Current excitement: hitting that 18-miler before the Martian half and going into that race crazy prepared!
Current bane of my existence: early morning work meetings messing with my running schedule (although I love my job!)
Current wish list: For the new Garmin to arrive!! I sent The Vengeance back on Friday.
Current indulgence: I've been updating my clothes & shoes recently and I'm about to shop for some new accessories for our half bath. It sounds small, but it feels pretty indulgent and it's fun.


Unknown said...

90 miles - kick ass, overachiever. Great job though. I am doing my best to keep up with ya. Excellent and I see Martians running scared from you in April.

TNTcoach Ken said...

It must have been that challenge!

Run Jess Run said...

Great month! It's so strange to think that we have about 4 weeks until Martian!