Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some random thoughts

  1. Don't forget my giveaway. Free technical shirt, people.
  2. I got an email from Barnes & Noble earlier this week. The subject line was "Nothing says LOVE Like 10% Off!" Does anyone else find this deeply disturbing??
  3. What Would Kara Goucher Do? Being a mommy is pretty awesome, but one of the downsides is picking up colds from the kiddo. He seems to have given me a nasty cold while we were hanging out earlier this week during our snow days. I've been running anyway (no asterisks or footnotes to the training schedule!) and have been crazy run-down. That made me think twice about this morning's 9-miler. So when I finally dragged my congested, haven't-slept-well-in-days self out of bed this morning, I decided to get some Coach Mike (RunningFirst) input. We had a longish text conversation that went something like this:
    MeNasty cold. Should I run?
    CoachIf you have the cold, probably not. Running will wear you down and you won't get better. If the nasty cold is outside, run inside. And then cheer for the Steelers tomorrow. That will help. 
    Me: It's me that has the cold. I've been running anyway and am really worn-down. I just hate to miss a run. Two weeks of perfect training, you know?
    Coach: Rest. You'll feel better in the morning. 
    Me: Ok, I'll stay in today and reassess tomorrow. 
    Coach: And?
    Me: Root for the Steelers.
    Coach: There ya' go. That will help, too. 
  4. I'm going to start my full monthly recaps at the end of February. But I can tell you that I ran 47.4 miles in January, compared to just 29 in January of 2010.
  5. Training is going really well so far! I've hit all of my workouts and felt great about them. Eight weeks until the Martian Half and 14 weeks until Cleveland!! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this pair of races. I will get to meet lots of runner bloggers at both and I hope to PR both. SO freakin' excited!!
  6. Last but definitely not least, I need some input. I'm considering renaming my blog. I know, I know, this is generally frowned on once your blog has been established for a while, but here's the thing. When I started this blog I had no idea it would live for so long! I started it for the singular purpose of fundraising for the 2007 Chicago Distance Classic. I put zero thought into the name. So I need some input here. 
    1. Should I rename the blog at all?
    2. If so, what should I rename it? I'm leaning toward MoJo[anna] Running, or perhaps Running from the Crazy. I need your input!!


Anonymous said...

1. Go Steelers!
2. I like the name Joanna Runs.
a. It's simple, easy to remember, and it says exactly what this blog is.
b. Plus, it's a good complement to Joanna Scraps.
c. You can always change the tagline below the blog title to be something along the lines of what you proposed.
3. Go Steelers!

~natalie (who does not run, except as a form of personal exercise, and only in the gym in the winter.)

Kirsten said...

1) I can't believe you'll be here in 8 weeks! Huzzah!

2) Joanna Runs is good, for all the reasons Natalie listed.

3) The Princess of Detroit asked about you this morning, and is content that you are probably at your own house instead of ours. But she's super excited to see you too :) Maybe you can run with her. And by that I mean stroll leisurely while she runs aimlessly in circles. That's what I do.

- Kdot

Run Jess Run said...

1. Do the Steelers play baseball??
2. I agree with Natalie.
3. Holy crap! Only 8 weeks left?!

TNTcoach Ken said...

What kind of crazy coach is that? Steelers???? Go Packers.......

Stephanie said...

I am going to hop on the bandwagon and say keep the title as it is. :)

Black Knight said...

I like Joanna Runs.
I think that the only part we have sometimes to change is the header.