Sunday, February 20, 2011

Updates & Product Reviews

As promised, I have all sorts of updates for you. A few of you have asked how The Vengeance is doing, and I have a big update there. And some other runner-geek things. Here's what we're going to cover. And yes, I saved #4 for #4 so you menfolk can stop reading and not miss anything else. Thoughtful!

1. The Vengeance
It's a long-ish story at this point. If you're new to the blog, let me get you up to date. My Garmin Forerunner 405, which I named The Vengeance, stopped recording all graphs sometime after Thanksgiving. At first I thought I'd just run on an overcast day and hadn't gotten a good satellite signal. Then (with the help of Garmin support), it looked like I just needed to update the software on it and my Training Center. When that hadn't worked either after a few runs, I called Garmin support back yesterday. I was on the phone with them for TWO HOURS. When the first tech support guy ran out of suggestions, they transferred me to the more advanced support group. They had an entire group of tech people around the phone going through every permutation of every setting and fix they could think of. At the end of two hours they decided that it must be something that's broken inside the watch. They actually said that no one on the tech support team had ever heard of this particular problem happening. Since I've had it less than a year, they are replacing it. So....parting will be such sweet sorrow. It will go back to the Mothership sometime this week. I've spent so much time with her that I feel almost like I should throw a going-away party. Even though this is all unfortunate, I have to say that Garmin support is freaking awesome. Everyone I talked to was sincere about wanting to help me fix the problem. They were never disinterested or rude. And they are replacing the watch! Excellent customer service.

2. The shirt
I picked this up a few weeks ago from a sale bin at Target. It's one of their Champion tops. When I first put it on I thought it was ridiculously too long, but it turns out that it's pretty cute with tights/running pants. For $7, this technical fabric top was a great find.

3. The pants
I had a Groupon to my fave local running store and I was out of Gu, so we headed up there yesterday morning to stock up before my long run. While there, I decided to use my Groupon for some new running tights or pants. My only pair of running tights are great, but they're thermal and really much too warm for temps in the 40s/50s. I tried on a few pairs and decided to get the Nike Be Strong Regular Fit training pants. They are fantastic. They are absolutely everything I wanted in a pair of running pants. The waistband is wide and super comfy and flattering. They are snug through the hip but a little looser through the mid-thigh and  straight-ish through the leg. It's a really flattering cut for my body type. And I love the length! All around, they are absolutely everything I wanted. I want like 6 more pairs. :)

4. The sports bra
Back in September I reviewed the Under Amour Heatgear Endure sports bra (read it here). At the time I said I probably wouldn't wear the bra for a long run. In the meantime I've lost 6 pounds (and counting!!) and the fabric has stretched a teeny tiny bit. I wore it for my 12-miler today and had no problems. It has morphed into  a really great sports bra. I highly recommend!

That's the end of my updates. Oh, except the most important: TWELVE WEEKS UNTIL CLEVELAND!!! I can't freaking wait!!


Run Jess Run said...

You're getting a brand new Garmin? High five to customer service!

Thanks for the review on the pants. I may have to look for those.

MJ said...

You look GREAT!!! Looking forward to catching up on Friday!