Sunday, February 13, 2011

One minute inside Joanna's mind

Man, this weather is amazing! It's 55 and sunny!! The ice is melting!! Maybe I could go for a run. 
Go for a run? Are you completely crazy?
No, why? Why not go for a run? OUTDOORS, baby!!
For one thing, you have a huge step-up week coming. 
Just an easy run. Just a few miles. It couldn't hurt anything.
Twenty-nine miles. That's what you have on deck for next week. Twenty-nine miles. 
Huh, is that my--
Yes, you *******, that's your ITB. It's sore. Perpetually. Remember? And did I mention the step-up week?
Maybe I could ice it first.
Maybe you could go home and sit your Type A a%* down on the sofa. 
I hope there's time between putting away the groceries and hanging out with the kiddo and getting ready for dinner. 
No, no there is not time. You know what there's time for? Sitting your Type A a*& down on the sofa. 
Maybe I should skip the run. It's supposed to be nice again tomorrow. I really don't have time today. 
Yeah, maybe you should skip the run today. Maniac. 


Unknown said...

I'm betting your type A%* runs 30. You will get to 29 and say what's one more. I can hit the big 30. hahahaha

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, sit on your Type A...........