Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two kind of big deals in one post

One of these things I've been sitting on for a day. The other just happened when I got home today. No preamble is required, so buckle up.

1. The One-Week Challenge Train Wreck 
So you remember a few weeks ago when RunningFirst and I accidentally entered into a one week mileage challenge? No? Read it here. Well, we were neck and neck. Then he laid down a 16-miler. And I assumed that this put him ahead of me, hands down, and I accordingly congratulated him heartily (here). Big blue letters and everything.

Then the end of February rolled around and we both posted recaps. His "highest mileage week" made me suspicious. I assumed I was mis-remembering, but checked our Running Ahead user group training log just to be sure. And sure enough, right there it was. By a tiny margin, I had actually won the challenge. 

I rather firmly made note of this mentioned this to him on Facebook. And he threw down a big card. He pulled out all the stops. He posted an over-the-top apologetic blog post here. But you know what?? I want a re-match. A chance to properly clear the air. Set the record straight. Get it all out. So...what say you, RunningFirst?

2. Garmin Rocks My Face Off/I Need Suggestions
As y'all know, I mailed The Vengeance back to Garmin last Friday. How surprised was I to come home after work today and find their return box on my porch? That's right. They not only sent me a replacement, but it arrived less than a week after I sent the broken one. They are serious about customer service. I honestly could not be a bigger cheerleader for Garmin right now. Completely, totally impressed.

So this is where you come in. I need nominations for a new Garmin name. So far the list is short: Mr. Joanna suggested the name Forest in honor of my first running buddy, Sherwood.

But I need a bigger pool of names to consider. So put some out there. I wanna hear what you've got!


Stephanie said...

I still haven't thought up a name for my Garmin... maybe you will have some good leftovers I am take from :)

Unknown said...
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Black Knight said...

I have just ordered my 3rd garmin (3rd generation).
I remember the first one, big, ugly, uncomfortable, but it was a funny novelty.
I don't have a name for it, it is only my .... garmin.

Run Jess Run said...

My Garmin's name is Sven. I tend to go for odd, ethnic names (my car's name is Pedro).

MJ said...

Because I am not feeling too creative this morning, I suggest Nimrag (Garmin backwards).