Monday, August 15, 2011

Mondays on Notice: Dwindling Days of Summer

Dear Dwindling Days of Summer,

Please don't go. Please stay around for another month or so. While at first I was just relieved that the heat let up a little, and I'm still really enjoying these temps, I can't help but notice that fall is quickly approaching. Can't you please just stick around a little while longer?

See, while summer has been crazy and chaotic at work, the fall brings a different kind (no more, no less, just different kind) of crazy to my world of academia. People around me are starting to freak out. And by "around me" I don't mean physically around me (my family couldn't care less), I mean everyone I know in this industry nationally. Freaking out, thanks to you. Can I guilt you into staying?

We've had so much fun together, summer. I rediscovered my youth via a Dukes of Hazzard hat resurrected from my MIL's basement. 

I overcame my horrific fear of my sewing machine and made progress on the curtain situation in my house (true story--no two windows in my house are the same size. Intimacy with a sewing machine is absolutely necessary if window coverings are going to look reasonable).

My family and I frolicked in the sunshine.

I had my first brush with the city's judicial system. 
Sorry to get your hopes up about JoannaRuns on the Run 2011--it was just jury duty. 

Summer, it's been great, and I'd love it if you could stay around a while. So I'm putting your departure On Notice, officially. I'm watching you. 



Raquelita said...

Being an academic, I do tend to start getting whipped into a frenzy in mid-August. It doesn't help that I spent a decade on the quarter system, so the arrival of the school year in August always somehow catches me off guard.

B.o.B. said...

i'm so with you on this one. i LOVE the summer. yes, even in the Florida heat, i heart it. make it stay k?

Marlene said...

I love this time of year when the mornings and evenings start cooling off JUST a bit. This part could last forever...