Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Recap

Miles ran: 54.7--almost double my July miles!
# runs: 14
Highest mileage week: 13.7
Long runs: 1
Pace workouts: 1
XT days:  5 days of yoga. I'm sooo sad my Groupon is over. I may do some drop-in classes at the yoga studio I've been going to. The classes are great.
Tempo or interval runs: 0

Favorite run: either my 5.6 mile "long" run, for the thrill of upping my miles, or my run this Monday. My pace was faster than it's been in weeks and I was just having a blast.
Current goal: finish out this week between 15 and 20 miles. Right where I want my base to be. 
Current obsession: don't laugh, but Christmas shopping. Yeah, I know. It's August. I can't help it. I've always done this. Oh, and Florence + the Machine.

Current need: really, there is nothing I need right now. Life is good!  
Current excitement: Balega Extra Comfort socks, and getting to be part of my friend's foray into the running world! But you guys knew that already. :)

Current bane of my existence: the chronic periformis pain seems to be coming back. I'm stretching, stretching, and stretching some more and trying to ignore it and hope it goes away. 
Current wish list: yep, still haven't finished the Master bedroom. But I've made progress!  
Current indulgence: lime sherbet with chocolate syrup. OK, ok, I had NO idea this was weird until I served it to our neighbors the other night. I turned the weird-factor over to the judgment of the Facebook and it turns out that a few people think it's weird, most have never heard of it but think it sounds fabulous, and a few have actually tried it. So that's my challenge to you for the coming month--get out there and try some sherbet. With chocolate syrup. You can thank me later. :)

Otherwise, my park. I just absolutely love running there. 


Run Jess Run said...

I love that Florence + the Machine song!

Anonymous said...

jules LOVES that song. when we're going somewhere, she asks "which car are we taking?" 'cause she knows the F&TM cd is in my car. i've barely been past Track 1 b/c she pretty much just wants it on a loop :)