Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Recap

# Runs: 18
# Other workouts: 0--totally fell off the wagon with yoga.
Miles ran: 107.1, oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, hit that triple digit mark!! Woohoo!
Favorite run of the month: I want to say either my 13 mile long run or this week's mile repeat workout, but probably because they were both relatively recent and fresh in my memory. Overall it was a good running month. I broke double digits (see below), 8-minute miles finally felt like no big deal, and long runs felt happy to the last step.

Current shame: Easter candy. Someone take it away from me. Out.of.control. I'm going to weigh 400 lb by race weekend. 

Current obsession: Getting rid of stuff, organizing stuff, cleaning stuff, all in an effort to get our house ready to sell. And two projects at work that I've become completely obsessed with. Oh, and that little 13.1 I have coming up....

Current excitement: My race is almost here!! Immediately after giving birth, it feels like you'll never get back to race shape. And yet it happens! And I feel invincible when it does. Also, I get to see my bestie in two weeks!! 

Current crazy: Stuff at my current workplace is crazy. Not with my job or even my department, but the larger university. I've stayed quiet in what has been a much larger arc of events. And I've gotten a lot of conflicting, confusing advice about that choice.  

Current PITA: The last 5-6 lb. of baby weight has been stubborn. Immediately post-race I'm diving into a more disciplined approach. Back to food journaling. 

This coming week is going to be one nervous, seemingly unending countdown until race day. It's funny, the last half I did was a training run before the Cleveland Half. It was not a huge thing. And this feels like a huge thing! My official return to racing. 


Raquelita said...

I am hoping to do a better job of getting back on and staying on the yoga wagon this next month! Good luck resisting the Easter candy!

Black Knight said...

107.1 is a very good mileage, you are working very well!
Easter candy: a problem here too!
Good luck on the race.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Nice job on the mileage and your great runs! I am on a throwing things away spree right now too.
Feels so good to declutter the house.

Good luck with your upcoming half marathon!

Jen Feeny said...

You've got this girl! Eek! Race week!!!

Damn the easter candy, why is it so good?!?!

Suz and Allan said...

Congrats on hitting 100 miles last month!