Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mondays in Love: Pre-race nerves!

(oops--somehow didn't hit the "Publish" button on this yesterday! Please pardon the delay.)
Two weeks 'til race day!! It's hard to believe this training cycle is coming to a close so quickly! The taper is starting, but fortunately for my sanity there isn't a huge drop-off in mileage or pace. There are other clear signs the end is near. Here are some signs I know race day is drawing near:

  • I'm getting weepy thinking about the awesome support I got via FB, phone, prayer/thoughts, and even on-course during my last race (Cleveland, May 2011 for anyone keeping track!)
  • I finished my longest training run (13.0--woot!!) and felt awesome about it!!
  • I ordered my pace bands and made a hotel reservation for Race Eve. I thought about getting up at o'dark thirty (the middle of the night, really) and driving up on race day, but I've learned that with the kids, it's way easier to just pay the premium to stay close to the start/finish line. 
  • I've started trying to commit to memory where the hills are in the course, so I can prep mentally during long training runs. 
  • I'm portioning out my Gu supply so I have the *perfect* assortment of flavors and caffeine contents for race day. 
  • I'm at about an 8 on the tension scale about breakfast on race day. I'm super focused on getting the fueling right, and figuring out how to do that from a hotel room. 
  • I had a dream two nights ago that I was at the start line and realized I'd forgotten Body Glide. Panic ensued. 
  • I've made a mental note at least 4 times today that I need to find a place for dinner on Race Eve where I can carb load. 
What goes through your mind as race day approaches? It's been a while for me. I'm loving this energy as it approaches!!


Suz and Allan said...

Good luck with your upcoming race! It sounds like you are ready to go.

Marla said...

Have you found your restaurant for the carb load yet? There is a good Italian place in downtown Springfield. http://www.saputos.com/