Friday, December 9, 2011

The Weekend Update

This just in:

  1. My Mondays....on Notice? post is officially going down as the most controversial thing I've ever posted, which surprised me. In response to a reader inquiry on the etiquette of 26.2 stickers, y'all covered the gamut of possible responses. One felt put off that the runner community might snicker at the sticker rather than celebrate the accomplishment. A few were indignant about questionable 26.2 claims. The majority were in the middle though, feeling like it was a bit questionable, but it didn't detract from your accomplishments, so let it be. I think this is a pretty reasoned response. 
  2. My maternity running top (that I scored a great Cyber Monday deal on--cha-ching!) came. I was super skeptical when I took it out of the package. I was sure they'd sent me a regular top. I should never have doubted. It's wonderful! Also, my new Nathan Handheld came and I got to try it out. Pictures and reviews to come. 
  3. Said review was to come over the weekend, but...that may have to wait. Today started with me falling down basically an entire flight of steps in our house, then spending the next ~3 hours in the pregnant women's version of an ER getting checked out (by doctor's orders). I am fine and the baby is fine, thank goodness (seriously, God is good). But my tailbone does hurt quite a bit and pregnant running already puts more pressure than normal on that spot. So I think I need to let it heal for a few days before I get back outside. On the plus side, my hubby met me for lunch afterward and brought me a donut to cheer me up. Because he's wonderful. 


Elle said...

Ouch! Hope you recover soon and so glad to learn that BABY is fine too! Yikes.

Very sweet husband you have.

I missed that post you mentioned... I am gonna go read it now!

Have a great, painfree weekend!

Suz and Allan said...

Thank goodness you and baby are ok! Hope you get to take it easy this weekend!

Unknown said...

I fell on my butt really hard when I was 38 weeks front of my entire sex ed class. I'm glad your ok. AND that 40 teenages didn't have to see you fall. No bueno.

Black Knight said...
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Black Knight said...

I have Just written a comment in your last interesting post.
Take care and feel better soon.
I am very glad for you and the baby.
I like the donuts but they are not usual in Italy.

Raquelita said...

Yikes! I'm so glad that you and the baby are ok! Take it easy!

Damaris said...

Glad you and Peanut are okay! Take it easy and enjoy that donut! <3

Run Jess Run said...

Glad you are both ok!!

Erica Gorman said...

I am so glad you and baby are fine! Take care!