Thursday, December 1, 2011

November recap

Running stats
Miles ran: 46.6 (789 for the year)
# runs: 11 (a little low)
# states: 2, here and Florida
Highlights: The highlight of this month's running was just that I was having an blast a lot of the days I was out doing it. I've had some fast[er] runs this month, have loved the weather, and have just genuinely loved that I'm still able to be active.

Pregnancy Stats:
# weeks in: 22/40
pounds gained: 7-8

Otherwise, in review
November saw me jetting off to Florida

Learning the gender of my bun in the oven (read it here and here) when I was 20 weeks (btw, what a stupid phrase. Who bakes just one bun at a time?)

Then later hitting up Chicago with the fam. And, apparently I wear that shirt a lot. I wore it today, too.

And of course a lot of other fun stuff I didn't post here, like checking out a huge Christmas light display at a local park with my friend Kayla. 

Looking ahead to December, I am SO excited about:
  1. Getting my new maternity running top! The shirt I wore this morning is long enough so that you don't see my belly, but it hangs straight down off the bump, and my pants are at the bottom of the bump, so it's basically an open, huge vent for the ~35 degree air to access. Brrr!!! 
  2. Still running! As long as I'm able to run (and, knock on wood, but there isn't an end in sight yet!!), this month's mileage in the mid-40s is basically the minimum I should expect for a month. I will be passing the 800 mile marker in the next week. Anxious to see where I'll be by years end. 
  3. It's off-topic, but Christmas. Seeing Christmas through a 3-year-old's eyes is magical. We don't usually decorate this early, but we're planning to start this weekend only because he is just so excited about it. He is such a light in our lives. :)
What do you have on the horizon?


Marlene said...

Sounds like a great month and December should be ever better! BRRR I hope you get that new top soon!!!

LOL at bun in the oven.. maybe it should be "loaf" instead.

Erica Gorman said...

Christmas is definitely magical through a 3 year old's eyes. It got me putting the tree and decorations up early too!

Raquelita said...

It sounds like you had a great November!

I am looking forward to getting through this final stretch of grading and having some "down" time to work on research and hang out with family.

Black Knight said...

A very good november and I wish a better december.
Christmas is always something of magic at any age.
I like to run in the darkness of the breakwater to see, in front of me, the Christmas lights of the city: the view looks like an enchanted world.
Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.