Thursday, December 15, 2011

Milestones and bellies and shirts, oh my!

This morning I went on my first post-fall run. I went with my neighbor and we took it slow just to make sure nothing hurt. I'm happy to report that I think running is back on! In other news:
  1. Another milestone: This morning I officially crossed 800 miles for the year! I'm beyond thrilled about this and can't wait to see where I end up by the end of the year. 
  2. It's time for another picture in the great Belly Watch 2011-2012. 24 weeks, baby! I had an OB appointment today and got to hear the heartbeat again. I cannot wait to meet this little boy!
  3. The picture serves two purposes today--it's also the blog debut of my maternity running shirt (available here). I absolutely love this shirt and would recommend it. I love that it has thumb holes (and, therefore, sufficiently long sleeves). It's technical fabric. It's easily long enough. And I love the color. I am super impressed at the quality of the shirt, and so thankful that it's available, where nothing like this was made during my first pregnancy. I would recommend that you buy up a size, though. I would normally buy a medium, but because so many maternity shirts (from all brands, seemingly) tend to get short in the third trimester, I decided to give myself some extra space. All over, I think the size larger was a good call. 


Unknown said...

girl you are a rock star! My kids were traveling so low at that point I couldn't pee without fear they would fall out. Forget running! Im so impressed you have continued your training and Im sure it will pay off in post baby time :)

Marlene said...

You look wonderful!!! Great shirt, too. Glad you found something comfortable that does the trick.

Raquelita said...

You look fabulous! I'm glad that you were able to get in a run and that there don't seem to be any lingering problems from the spill you took.

Suz and Allan said...

Woohoo on reaching 800 miles! The shirt looks really good. That's one of my favorite colors!

Black Knight said...

You look in great shape! Beautiful running shirt but I think ..... I will never wear one of them.
800 miles and more is a great accomplishment.