Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Recap: Operation Rebuild Base, Complete

This week was a huge triumph for me. At long last, I've regained the base mileage I wanted to be at. And I XT'ed. It was just a fantastic week.

4.1 miles through the park with some of the fastest splits I've seen all summer. I was having an absolute blast and was actually surprised to see my first mile time when my Garmin chirped at me. <3

The conclusion of my very much loved yoga Groupon came with a last great 6:30am workout. It was a great way to end the month-long experience. I may yet do some drop-in classes. I just loved the studio.

4 miles through the park


A slower run in the park. We had a couple days over 100 degrees this week. Mostly I didn't mind the heat wave, but it did slow me down a bit. Friday was also a stay-at-home-with-my-kiddo day (his school was closed). These days are few and far between and I cherish them. We had a blast. And since I can't leave you with a photo-less post, I'm going to introduce you to my new favorite brownie mix (dark chocolate FTW!). The kiddo and I picked this up at Target and made it together. It's about the best $1.32 I ever spent.

We had another 100+ degree humid day, so I decided to sleep in and move my weekend run to Sunday, which had a high of 79.

Today was the first run that felt like fall. The leaves haven't started to change yet, but the cooler weather, the 41% humidity which hasn't happened since maybe March or early April, the people out grilling in the park, all of it. I was so thankful to be outside and be running. A weird thing happened. I noticed a single, solitary gravestone in the park. I've gone past it at least 100 times and never saw it. It totally took me by surprise. I'll take my phone tomorrow and take a picture of it. I'm really curious now! Who the heck is buried there??

Weekly totals:
Miles: 16.2
XT: 60 minutes


Raquelita said...

Yay for a rebuilt base and good cross-training. I'm debating checking out a yoga studio here next month after the marathon, but for now I'll just try to get on my mat at home a couple of times a week.

Black Knight said...

4 miles in the park have to be something of special. Here to cross the parks I need less than 2 minutes each!!!!