Monday, September 26, 2011

Mondays in Love: Things Found Along the Way

Before I get into today's Mondays in Love, I want to say that I realize things have been a bit sparse around here lately. Last week at work was flat-out crazy, seeing me at work until after 7pm two nights and traveling for work Friday and yesterday. Rest assured, I'm returning to the land of the living, and have some fun stuff planned over the next couple of weeks, including--are you ready--the inaugural Rock & Roll StL!

But first things first, today's Mondays in Love. Today it's all about the things you discover along the way.

A little while ago I blogged about spotting a single gravestone hanging out in the park I run in. Later that week I went back and took a picture of it to share. It's been waiting in line for a few weeks for its turn here on Mondays in Love.

I think this gravestone says Eliza Hoole (?), 1882. Remarkably, I can find next to nothing about it online, even in the historical documents of the park. I found a few other blogs that think the name reads Eliza Poole or Eliza Moore, also with some different interpretations of the year. I was hoping for a great story, of how this one grave ended up here. But I guess I am left to wonder and imagine. 

Have you ever found something really curious along a run? 


Jodi H said...

That tombstone is really neat. Yes, as a matter of fact we came across some strange looking mushrooms on our run yesterday. A picture of them will be in my blog about my 20 miles! :)

Kirsten said...

This reminds me of an old graveyard out here that is now stationed along a street of big box stores. It's one of those that have all white marble headstones of roughly the same size, and is so old that most of the headstones have fallen over and cracked into pieces. Driving by the other day, I noticed that someone had taken the time to piece together the chunks for each stone and had them reset in concrete, then set them upright again. The effect is beautiful and, I think, very touching.

Black Knight said...

Beautiful post, sorry that you haven't found anything about Eliza. Here it's full of stones, empty graves and other things of the etruscan and ancient roman period.

B.o.B. said...

that's really interesting. maybe the local library has something on it? it's a cool photo either way. hope your week is slower than last! excited to hear about rock n' roll!

Anonymous said...

A very interesting artifact in Tower Grove Park. I try to walk the park everyday, weather permitting, and I love going past this marker. I don't believe it is a gravestone although it certainly looks like one. Henry Shaw's mother was named Sarah Hoole and I believe Eliza was his cousin. She traveled from England to visit him in St. Louis and loved his country estate, garden, and park. He placed a marker to commemorate her visit in the park. This was told to me by one of park attendants some years ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ive seen that stone too. Looks like Eliza Moore but it looks like other names too. I always stop there in pause and say how much I dont know and how much has happened in this one spot over time. LOVE and PEACE