Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Upcoming race decisions

So I have a little of this & that to update y'all on.

First post-race run
Today was my first post-race run. Confirmed: the legs are still a lil' tired from race day. But it felt good to get back out anyway. An easy 2.6 miles around the neighborhood.

251.9 + 2.6 = 254.5 miles

A new race pic from Saturday!
Ears sent some new race pics my way this afternoon. I love this one with every bit of my heart. This is my son in his full-on cheer pose. This is accompanied by a "chhhhhhhh" sound, and I'm told was also often paired with "Go, go go!" Love.This.

Upcoming races
While discussing upcoming races today I was accused today of being an addict (I'm looking at you, Tim). I'm going to chose to wear that as a badge of honor. These are the upcoming races I've decided on and registered for:
Buffalo Trail 5 miler, May 22 (the Roomie will be proud of me for finally doing a trail race)
Lewis & Clark Full Marathon, October 3 (it is so on, RunningFirst--and I'm hoping The Gangsta joins in too)
US National Half, November 7

Let me know if you're planning on being at any of these events!


Damaris said...

i'm down for the trail run and the full marathon. and i'm totally JEALOUS about the San Francisco event.

Unknown said...

Said Roomie is very proud! You'll love it!

Unknown said...

Trails are where it is at. So much more fun that road races.

Buffaloes!!!!! (you'll understand that cheer after the race)

L&C is a go as well.