Sunday, May 23, 2010


After the dust settled from graduation weekend, the reality of life ahead came rushing in, in the form of Meg's departure. A day I'd been celebrating/dreading for a long time. Celebrating because it means she has accomplished something huge and could move on to the next stage in her career. Dreading's Meg. Moving away. But alas, it could be avoided no longer.

On Wednesday I was scheduled to help her pack up. This entailed loading a moving truck at her apartment, driving it to a Pod-like company's loading site, and transferring everything from the truck to the pod. AKA, a lot of moving things around. Like the rock star that she is, Meg had already moved most of her things into the truck by the time I got there. I was brought in for my muscle (ha!) to help with the bigger items.

Meg rolling through town in the moving truck

After we went all Tetris on the Pod. I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical when we first cracked it open, but we got it all in there. Go us!

Still fresh (yes, that's sarcasm) after schlepping duties were over

Post-packing we went out for some dinner and drinks. Since her apartment was empty she stayed with us for the evening. I tried everything I could think of to delay her departure in the morning, but ultimately she had to go. There may have been some tears shed. Elliot saw this and said, "Momma, no!" I love when little boys become protective of their mothers.

We're already on the lookout for a good race to meet up at next year, possibly in the spring. Anyone have a spring race they love? Until then, I'll be lamenting the 1500+ miles separating us.

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Run Jess Run said...

*hug* It seems like everyone's saying goodbye to someone lately!!