Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday, martinis, and a 10-miler

Happy Palm Sunday! Holy Week is my favorite time of the church year. Such a powerful illustration of God's promises and boundless grace and a reminder of my own unworthiness. It's humbling and powerful in a way that shakes me up a little bit every year. This year we read the Passion according to Luke, which you can read here.

Church this morning was a revelation for me in a different way, too. I ushered this morning and as I greeted and talked with people, I realized how many of them I have come to know. I thought back to the first fall we were here, right after we joined, when one Sunday I sat looking around the church wondering if I would ever be able to put names with faces. If Mr. Joanna and I would ever have conversations with and about the other parishioners and the ways our lives had become intertwined with theirs. I guess that happened, and it sort of snuck up on me. I am excited about graduating and starting the next chapter, but I'm savoring what's left of this. Proof: I took a picture today while washing dishes because it seemed like a good reminder of the fun I had last night with some friends I'm going to miss terribly.

Moving on to all things running--yesterday was a slow 10-miler in cold, windy, but beautifully sunny & clear weather. Meg & I decided to take it easy as we did the mileage hike. We just jogged and talked and got 'er done. We also had three coaches there and Mr. & Mrs. LifeSaver. Mr. LifeSaver was on fire! I've never seen him so fast on a long run. (btw, what in the WORLD am I going to do when I have to settle in with a new running group?!?) Next week is a cut-back, then we're planning to really attack the 10-miler the weekend after that. I tried the lemon Gu and loved it. Seriously, how did I not know the glory of the Gu?!?

Meg appears to have sprung an injury. She's pretty sure it's a sideliner, but won't know for sure for about two weeks. I'm hoping, really hoping, she's wrong and it was something like, oh say, the world's worst bee sting (in March, yes...whatever! I'm desperate for an answer...and ignoring how insanely over-qualified she is to self-diagnose). I'll either have the best cheering section EVER or we'll PR together as planned. Either way she's awesome, but keep your fingers crossed for the best.

133.3 + 4.1 + 10.0 = 147.4 miles

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MJ said...

I love the word "intertwined" to describe some of the relationships you've built in CU. And, we're so blessed to have found our lives intertwined with yours!!