Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Life Saver

## The following is an email sent out by one of my Teammates. I thought it deserved to be shared. This is in the "why I run" category. Enjoy. ##

Hey Team,

Just a personal triumph.

I’ll call it “The Life Saver”

Well it all started with me deciding that today would be the day I would start the Fat Man Time Trials. I decided this with much thought as I pulled into the parking lot at [the park].

9.6 Miles was the goal with my intent to do the same in 1 Month to see if I could drop 1.5 minutes a mile. All of this of course within my Heart Rate Monitors approval.

Of course I am ahead of myself.

At 5:30 this morning as I lay in bed with my left calve pulsating and ready to respond to any sudden movement at any moment, I thought to myself, if my body was built a bit different I think I could be a decent runner. I mean a lot different, the taller, thinner, Gesell like physic that I know is in here somewhere.

I rolled out of bed tried to stretch those pesky calves along with a quick attempt at touching my toes and got dressed.

After quickly shrugging off any doubts and of course not looking in the mirror I jaunted out the door to my destiny.

I have spent two weeks watching the Olympics. If they could achieve their goals, I could to. After all mine is just 2:29:59 Half Marathon in Champaign. I really just want to get to the finish line so I can see my friend Harley finish his Full, I figure if he has a good day this is the time I would need, he’s a real runner. Never mind the leaders would have run twice as far as me. What a thrill it would be just to be that close to the Marathoners. My own personal little Gold Medal. I could be an Olympian. Cool . . what an achievement passing thru alongside and with the fast people it’s almost like I was right there with them. WOW . . . aanywho back to the story.

Well I started out slow and eased into a slower rhythm and finally found my pace somewhere in the real slow category. But I was feeling good. I f I kept my heart rate below 140 my calve would not cramp very hard, it was great.

Somewhere around Mile 5 I thought to myself, “why stop at 9.6 Miles let’s do 13.”

Somewhere around Mile 5.5 I thought to myself, “this is bullshit I need to lay down in that snow drift over there.”

I made it back to my truck at Mile 6.4 and had to call myself many horrible things, to which I am not proud of, to run back away from it and start my last leg. After all Saturday is so close to Sunday a person should not use this type of language.

At Mile 7.5 I was surprised at how good I felt, maybe I could do 13 today, I am such an overachiever.

At Mile 8- I was done. Done, Done, Done. . . . Done. . . . Done.

It was then I realized my truck was at Mile 9.6. What I sinking feeling that was. Instinctively I spun around to look behind me, I don’t know why I guess to see if I could hitch a ride. But there was nobody here but me. I was committed to this destiny of mine, by default.

As I walked a bit to get my wits back I spotted something in the distance on the ground. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it, 30’ away. I ran up to it and scooped it up. It was a Life Saver, no a real Life Saver still wrapped in plastic and everything, how cool was this. I have been by here twice already it was not here, I do not miss food on the course. It has to be a sign. Even after all of the bad language, a sign. I did not hesitate I plopped it in my mouth with the intent of it lasting to the end. Of course that is not my M.O. either so I quickly chewed it up before the next curve, 100’ away. It was goooood.

Mile 9.6 was there before I knew it.

I was done. But just for today.

There is always next week.

We could use some company out here on Saturdays at 8AM.

The Team seems to be amiss.

If not to Run or for the Team n Training spirit but at least to drop candy on the path.

All of which just may be a Life Saver.

Happy Training

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