Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Unreasonable heat

The high today was 91 with something like 55% humidity. It felt like walking through really warm Jello. NO WAY was I going to track practice in that.

Last night was similar but I really wanted to run, so instead my husband and I went for a brisk 30 minute walk. Even briskly walking I worked up a sweat, so I felt ok claiming it as exercise. It was nice to walk with him. I took him around a new-ish corner of the development and showed him some of the less-than-obvious trails and sidewalks I've gotten into the habit of running. It was nice to show them to him, and to spend some time together outside.

I'm feeling yoga-ish. I think I need a good stretch and some upper body toning. I meant to do yoga tonight but made lasagna instead. Oops. So I think tomorrow I will do that, or maybe do some cardio at the gym, in the AC. Stay hydrated and cool out there, people!

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