Saturday, August 11, 2007

Leaving for the race!

It's been most of two weeks since I've updated the blog, not because I stopped running but because life has been pretty hectic. I can't write much now either, as I have to leave in about an hour to catch the train to Chicago for the race.

Just quick blurbs about two runs. Last Friday and Saturday (a week ago) I did the scheduled runs on a treadmill at the conference hotel in California. The runs both went pretty well. Neither felt difficult. Toward the end of the hour-long run I started to feel like that chick who just never stops running. You've all seen her. She's running when you get to the gym and still running when you leave. I was vaguely entertained by that. Both mornings I ran it was cool outside, but I was dripping sweat on both runs. Felt good.

Back home, I ran 2.25 miles Wednesday night with part of the team, and that's been it. I really haven't done anything else this week. I feel like a cheater about it. I'm so used to running most days it feels really weird not to. At the same time, we've had just outrageous heat this week and I've had the most stressful week maybe ever, and the race is tomorrow, so there's been reason to rest. It does feel weird though.

So I'm off to Chicago here in an hour or so! I'm SO excited about the race. I'm looking forward to seeing my parents, running with Meg, seeing the fans and entertainment, being in Chicago, all of it. I know a lot of people get nervous before their first race. Maybe I should be, but I'm not. I'm just excited. My brother said running this race two days after my doctoral qualifying exam is the craziest thing I could have done. I think it's perfect. What a great way to decompress, celebrate, and start my vacation. Chicago, here I come!!

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Erin Bockoven-Troll said...

How are you? How was CA, how did your exams go, how was the race? When is our party. We have LOTS of catching up to do, its been a crazy two weeks for me. I miss you! Call me soon!