Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not so long run

Today was a wonderful break from the heat. I think the high was in the 80s, with heavy cloud cover through most of the day. And thank goodness, since the team had an 18 mile run this morning. I cannot imagine doing that run in the heat we had earlier this week. They all finished in fine form. I was very impressed!

As for Meg and me, we showed up at 9:30 (it was a late night--we had a team dinner then Meg and I hung out). We guessed that an 18 mile run would take at least 3 hours, so showing up at 9:30 would still mean finishing with the group or even before the group. We ran 5 miles, a lovely 5 miles at a 9 minute pace, and waited to cheer on everyone else. Our own run was smooth and easy. We talked through most of it. The wildflowers are still gorgeous and I need new shoes--those were my primary observations from the run.

It was so nice to sit with the team afterwards and talk about the morning's run. We've gotten to know each other. There's a familiarity and a closeness among us. Donnie's back from New York. Judy and Jessica are close to meeting their fundraising goals. The rain is bothering Randy's knees. Allison is at a wedding in another state. Kevin and Steve ran the Mahomet half-marathon this morning. We know these things about each other. I feel like we've become a team, Meg and I included, even though we've finished our race. It's great.

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