Saturday, August 18, 2007

My first post-race run

This morning Meg and I headed out for our typical Saturday morning long run. Since a week has not yet passed since our race we decided to take it easy. We decided to run 6.6 miles, about an hour.

We got to the park around 9:45, just in time to see our Saturday coach packing things up to head home. She gave us some Powerade, a flavor neither of us had tasted before, Arctic blast, perhaps? We both liked it. She said that Steve, one of our teammates, had also arrived late and was still out on the course. Meg hid the Powerade under my car and we headed out.

Somewhere around 3.5 miles we decided that the energy level was pretty low; six miles sounded much better than 6.6. We ran the first half pretty quickly then slowed down to our usual pace for the last half. I definitely still have some muscle fatigue from the race. No soreness, just fatigue. I'm glad we ran 6 today, it was good to shake off some of the cobwebs and get moving again. It was also great to run together again and reminisce about our race. It was a low energy but nice run. Also in our favor was the weather; it was a cool, damp morning, perfect for a long run. Certainly better than the 90+ days we had earlier this week!

After the run we went to Body & Sole and browsed (I bought new socks, that was the extent of it) then walked through 10,000 Villages to kill some time until Custard Cup opened. We sat there and talked for a long while. Yay for running buddies :)

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