Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hot, nasty, bad-ass speed

"America is all about speed - hot, nasty bad-ass speed .~"Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt did not actually say this. This is a deliberate misquote given to us by the genius that is "Talladega Nights," which I love. Regardless, it's great and it fits the occasion. What occasion, you ask? Oh yes, today's Wednesday evening track workout.

Our schedule indicated that we were to run a timed 5k fitness assessment. When we got to the track our infinitely wise coach said that tonight was not the night for a fitness assessment. It was about 86 degrees and 80% humidity. He sent us to do our warm up while he devised an alternate workout for us. After our standard one mile warm-up and two strides, our coach gave us a choice. We could do a regression workout (5 laps, then 4, 3, then 2) or a two-person relay in which the first person runs a 400 (1/4 mile, one lap at our track), tags the second person, rests while the second person runs a 400, then repeat 7 times. Each person runs only two miles, but each interval is faster than a race pace. The workout itself was short and fun. I was paired with Randy which is always a good time. Afterwards Meg and I did the cool down together.

So the hot, nasty speed. I have never sweated so much over anything. Even after our one mile warm-up I was soaked. During the rest between intervals I just dripped sweat. My shirt was soaked all the way through, as were my shorts, and they are both dry-fit! My pony tail was soaked to the point that I could just barely wring it out. We all felt like we were running as fast as was humanly possible, but falling short of the paces we each knew we were capable of. My times ranged between 1 min 30 and 1 min 45 or so. There are not words to describe the sweat. It was really incredible. At the end Randy was laying on the track with his legs on the fence to stretch. He put a hand up for a high-five from me (since we were partners). As I leaned down to high-five him I dripped sweat on his shoulder. In any other situation this would be absolutely humiliating. Today we all just laughed about it. My coach says that the more fit a person is, the earlier they will begin to sweat in a workout, that sweating is actually a sign of physiological efficiency. I joked that I was going to get a shirt printed that said "I'm this gross because I'm this fit." In summary, it was a short run so I'm not tired now from it. It was like running through a swamp. Despite that, it was fun, the two-person relay.

I did my cross-training workout last night between meetings and errands. I ran about 20 minutes, then focused again on abs, back, and hips. My hips are getting stronger, which is encouraging. It was a short, purpose-driven workout, which as I've said before, I really enjoy.

One more run between me and Saturday's 12-miler...

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The Mr. Robert said...

Haha I have Dodgeball, Talladega Nights, Anchorman, Nick and nora's infinite playlist, role models, and half a season of house on my playlist right now.

It's 2:31am and I woke up to dodgeball. Now its talladega........ 'you're my best friend!!!!!' just played :)

Now with all due respect, I gotta do some driving ;)