Sunday, July 1, 2007

A glorious long run

This morning we cut back to eight miles from last week's ten. I have to say, this morning's was probably the best run of the season. It was a great run. Fatigue didn't start to set in until about 7.5 miles, at which point I could just power through the last little bit. The weather was perfect. Allison ran with us and helped keep up conversation to pass the time. We held a good, steady, reasonable pace. Allison timed us at 73 minutes, Meg timed us at about 68. Meg stops her watch for water stops, Allison probably didn't. So I'll say we ran between 8m30 and 9 minute miles. All around, it was a great run. Felt great, great weather, good running partners, good pace.

And the hip, how was the hip? I took Bayer before the run and stretched my hip as best I could. It hurt for maybe the first two miles before fading to a dull ache. It really became very manageable. Immediately after the run I stretched it for a long time. When I got home I iced it for about half an hour. I took more Bayer later in the afternoon. Right now (Sunday morning) I can tell that it is a little inflamed when I stand up, but it doesn't hurt much. I'm not limping around the house like I was Friday night. I think the icing/aspirin/stretching plan is working.

And I have fundraising updates! I'm having a Noodles & Company fundraiser on July 11th from 4-9pm. As far as I know I'm still having a Qdoba fundraiser this coming Friday, though I'm still waiting for the fliers from the manager. Meg and I nailed down dates for our bake sale at my husband's work (July 10-11). I'm hoping that the fundraising will come together very soon!

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