Friday, July 20, 2007


I did my Friday run yesterday (Thursday) just so I wouldn't be running 12 hours before the 12-miler. Yesterday was still quite humid, but neither as humid or as warm as Wednesday. The run turned out to be a fairly typical 30 minute run in terms of how I felt. The wind blew pretty hard throughout, as it was threatening to rain. Then last night I washed all of my running clothes from the week. With all this humidity, I didn't even want them in the laundry hamper anymore. Eeeew.

It also means I have an assortment of clean clothes from which to choose for my first ever 12 mile run. I'm trying to get myself ready--I keep giving myself little pep talks about it. It's just an eight mile run (which is fun) with a few miles tacked onto the end. Or like two six mile runs, which individually are pretty easy. I think we're going to run the eight mile course, then back down to the 0 mile marker (1.2 miles), back to the picnic tables (1.2 miles) then to the covered bridge (0.8 miles) and back to the picnic tables. Wish us luck!!


Anonymous said...

Am enjoying your posts. Anyone who calls a long run "glorious" has my admiration. I have a LR on Sunday,(am training for Chicago Marathon) and I'm already excited. Good luck with your 12 miler and keep up the good running and posting! Tom

Unknown said...

I hope your 12-mile run goes well today!!! I'm probably posting this comment as you run!