Monday, January 23, 2012

Mondays in Love & Giveaway Winners

I'm not going go lie to you, I've had kind of a rough go of it the last handful of days. The weather turned all grouchy (as my son would say--actually he says this about an upset tummy but I think it applies), including ice on Friday/Saturday. JoePa's passing was emotional for everyone to whom WE ARE means something. But what got me was the exhaustion. And that is the root of today's Mondays in Love.

Just in case I don't talk about it constantly, I'm pregnant. I'm 6.5+ months pregnant. I'd gotten so I was waking up 3 times a night to go to the bathroom and come morning, my hips and arms hurt from the weight of being directly on one side. Not cool, and not conducive to running/motivation. But, it turns out that at least a temporary solution was simple. Today, I am thankful for pillows. I'm freaking sleeping in clouds and it's amazing.

I now have a pillow under my head, a body pillow on one side, and a super cushy pillow on the other side. It's amazing. I'm back to waking up once per night and waking up much more rested and ready to RUN. I did my 4-miler this morning with a smile on my face!

Now, on to the Chickbands giveaway. There were 29 entries to my giveaway. Using, the winners are...{drum roll please}....

Meg and Jess, I already have your email addresses, so I will put you in touch with Kara. 
tpinthehouse, drop me a line at and I'll get you hooked up! Congrats, ladies!!


Elle said...

Congrats to Jess.

Awesome that you are running with such ease!

Marlene said...

Glad you've found a comfortable way to sleep!

Elle said...

oops. just realized I missed congrats to Meg!

Run Jess Run said...

Woot! Congrats ladies:)

...seriously, when I get pregnant, I'm going to be emailing you every day with questions.

Suz and Allan said...

Congrats ladies!

I'm so sorry things have been rough for you lately. Hope the rest of this week and the weekend are better!

Black Knight said...

After the surgeries now I don't succeed anymore in sleeping if I don't have a pillow between my knees. It is crazy but it was the surgeon's advice.
....keep on running.
Have a good week end.