Monday, January 9, 2012

Mondays in Love: 9:19!?!

....and, we're back on schedule. And I have a few posts planned, so things won't be quite so quiet around here. Game on!!

This Monday, I'm loving so much. Let me break it down.
  1. My Saturday "long" run. It was glorious weather. I felt great. And I ran faster than I knew I was still capable of without feeling like I was pushing myself much. The first 4 miles of this 5-miler were 9:48, 9:30, 9:53, and 9:19. Nine-nineteen?!? Get outta here! I had no idea that was in me! The last mile was part running, part walking a cool-down. 
  2. Oh yeah. I totally park here now. 
  3. A woman in the park the other day who yelled, "You go! That's great!!" as she passed me going the opposite direction. 
  4. Getting close to my giant work deadline. It's Friday, and the project is coming together nicely. 
  5. Fruit jambalaya. I am crazy with the freaking fruit these days. Fruit on my cereal. Fruit on my greek yogurt. Fruit as snack food. Fruit in my salads. Now fruit for dinner. I seriously cannot get enough. FRUIT! 
That's what I've got this Monday. Run strong ladies and gentlemen. And runners too. :) 


MJ said...

Yeah for all the fruit! I was like that when I was prego with my boys and they LOVE fruit now!
Have a great week! Let's visit soon!

TNTcoach Ken said...

You're still high on the endorphins............ It's Monday..... HA

Marlene said...

Fruit is a good craving to have!

YAY for parking in the "special" spots. :)

Sweet run! "You GO!" is right!

Sarah the Savage said...

9:19 mile--that's awesome. My "long" run this weekend was also 5 miles, but I definitely didn't have a 9:19 in me--and I'm not pregnant! Go Joanna!

Raquelita said...

Speed demon! I didn't get enough fruit while I was in Chicago and am definitely craving it now.

Black Knight said...

9:19 is very fast!! Is fruit your secret?
I eat a lot of vegetables to stay healthy (if possible).

Run Jess Run said...

Keep it Speedy! That baby is going to come out with running shoes on!