Friday, July 15, 2011

Rave Run #2: Snowshoe Mountain, WV

(sorry if you saw a posted-too-early version of this with totally jacked up formatting. Turns out blogging via mobile app is hard!)

I'm sitting outside drinking a post-run iced tea as I write this (although it may not post until later). I have another Joanna Returns To The Mountains 2011 Rave Run to share! Today's run comes to you from Snowshoe Mountain, West By God Virginia. You may have heard of this place as a ski resort, which it is, but I highly recommend coming up in the summer too. We are having a blast--a  lake/beach, paddle boating, water slide, ski lift through the gorgeous mountain. I love this place!

I ran a little over 4 miles today. I definitely ended up somewhere I didn't really mean to go, but that's ok. Otherwise it wouldn't be an adventure, right?!?

After I got into the main portion of the run I came across this view and had to grab a pic.

Not much farther along a few deer ran across the road in front of me. By the time I'd fumbled with my camera, I managed to get one of them into a picture. Too bad "say cheese" doesn't work on white tailed deer. :)

A little farther down I crossed a few paths and went under the ski lift. It is so pretty looking down the mountain.

I knew I'd been going gradually downhill for longer than I thought I should have, based on my read of the map. I think I actually got on the wrong road completely, I'm not sure, but I ended up basically at the bottom of the ski lift, but on the road. I got some looks as I ran/walked back up the mountain road, lol! I didn't mind one bit though. I even got to snap a pic of some of the one-sided trees to show you. No, really! We're high enough up that the wind is  so strong that the branches only grow on one side. Kinda amazing, right!?

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