Monday, July 25, 2011

Mondays on Notice: Runmares

Did you ever have that dream during college that you'd forgotten to drop a class and then all of a sudden it was the end of the semester and you had to take the final to pass? Or that you forgot or were hours late to a final? It's the classic college nightmare.

Well, a few nights ago I had the same nightmare but for running. I dreamed that I overslept on race day and was almost certainly going to miss the start gun. It was terrible! All these thoughts were going through my mind. Will they let me start late? Can I even get there soon enough to do that? Will my timing chip still work? Oddly, the race was in my hometown, possibly on our old cross country course (which was later totally blasphemed to build a baseball field).

Have any of you ever been late on race day? If so, what happened? Did you still race?


Marlene said...

I haven't technically been late, but I am constantly worried about that. We misplaced our car keys at the start of a race one year and it was FRANTIC... we didn't end up finding them and it was so hard to let it go and focus on the race. (we then spent the better part of the day finding our way home for spare keys, and back to the city to get our car - ugh)

Jessie said...

That sounds more like a night mare in my book! I have never been late, but I have cut it super close. At martian Tim and I did our warm up mile and when we returned it was go time. We had to jump in the start shoot right away. I was so nervous! Good luck on your hometown race! Im so excited that next spring Lansing will have their first Marathon! YAY! Running on home turf is the best!

Black Knight said...

That is an usual nightmare.
One time I arrived 2 minutes late but I entered the race all the same and it was rousing because I spent all the time to "smoke" the other runners.