Friday, August 13, 2010

How do you know?

This is a question I've mauled several times in the last few weeks--how do you know when it's time to replace your gear? I've replaced shoes after 250 miles, 300 miles, and my current pair has about 485 on them and they are just starting to break down. I would shudder to think how many times my running shirts have been washed and worn, or how much sweat they've dutifully wicked over the course of their lifetimes.

**TMI alert**
Recently I've started wondering about one of my sports bras. I've loved it. It's accompanied me through most if not all of my races in the last 3 years and gets worn at least once every week. The last time I wore it I noticed a little extra bounce. This morning when I headed out for my 3-mile recovery/easy run, the bra and I had a firm discussion about our upcoming divorce.

It will be swift. It will be a clean break. It will be hard for us both to move on.

But I have younger, more attractive things to move on to. You see, the new bra I've had my eye on (thank you, RW reviews!) happens to be one of the few running bras sold at REI. Which is right next to Whole Foods. And I am in love with the entire experience. I've never been much of a foodie (which makes me terribly un-hip, I know), but just the thought of the sandwich I had at Whole Foods the other day makes me salivate. And the REI sells a good range of Gu/Chomps/etc flavors for a decent price, plus they carry my beloved Brooks Adrenalines and this bra I've been coveting.

I suppose this is the beauty of moving to a city?!? Who knew?? It just makes me love running that much more.

In other news
I've been running! (duh) After the 12-mile treadmill run last weekend, I followed up on my plans to buy a 1-month membership at the rec center at my work. I used it to do a 5k tempo run (plus w-u and c-d) on Tuesday and a mid-distance run (5 miles) on Thursday. This morning I did a 3.3 mile recovery/easy run around my neighborhood.

About the tempo run--I want to thank you guys, especially Music Says it Best and (the gimpy but fabulous) Sarah the Savage. After my last post you guys reminded me that I need to keep my knees happy and need to stay focused on speed work if I'm going to PR both of my fall races. I needed both of those reminders. Thank you for helping me stay focused!

383.8 + 4.0 + 5.0 + 3.3 = 396.1 miles, and clearing 400 this weekend. Something I didn't do until the Detroit Marathon last year. Which was, uh-huh, in OCTOBER.


Run Jess Run said...

Very funny post;) I love Whole Foods! But alas, there is no such place where I live. *tear*

Stephanie said...

my bra made it really clear it was time to go after cutting me after a long run. Nothing like the rub of bare elastic after 13 miles.

My advice? Replace before it cuts ya. Works with men and works with bras!

Damaris said...

LOL @ Stephanie's post!! :) Good advice. I had to divorce one of my sports bras 2 weeks ago. It was for the best. The zipper wouldn't stay up and it was a little awkward running while trying to yank the zipper back up. Oh, and I'm super jealous about you living in a big city with all of the aforementioned perks ;)