Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cut-back week

I think we're all aware at this point that my training for L&C has been a little more uneven than I would really prefer. First there was The Incident, then the Epic Move of 2010, and one weekend lost to illness after that. Despite all this, I've been consistent enough to build up speed and mileage and progress well enough toward race day.

This week I was just wiped. Exhausted. Beat. So I decided, in the name of self-preservation, to take a cut-back week. I hadn't intentionally taken one in some time, and The Team took one last week and I'm a week behind them. I did about half the mileage this week that I've been doing and I think it was a good call. Today's longer run included some fast miles and felt easy.

But the week still had its moments of drama...

#1: Logistics FAIL on Monday morning
As usual, I planned an early Monday morning run before work. On these days, Mr. Joanna takes the babe to school on his way to work and I leave a bit later. I usually try to make it back from my run before they leave, at least, because otherwise I wouldn't see my little boy at all until after 5pm (he's usually still in bed when I leave for the run). So I was thrilled when I turned the corner at the end of our block and saw Mr. Joanna's car still parked in front of the house....until I realized he was in the process of taking the babe back out of the car. Turns out our completely unreliable automobile wouldn't start. Cue panicked rush to get them my car keys and get them re-situated, and then my complete ignorance of how to get myself to work. Should I attempt to navigate the bus system on the fly? Should I call a co-worker? In the end I called a co-worker who was beyond gracious about it. We've since adjusted to life with 1 car...for the time being.

#2: Treadmill time limits
Whaaaaat???? WHO EVER THOUGHT THAT TREADMILL TIME LIMITS WERE REASONABLE?? As I was leaving the gym after my 4.1 mile treadmill-enhanced hill workout on Thursday I saw this polite little sign hanging on the back wall of the cardio area: "Rules...Please limit time on each piece of cardio equipment to 30 minutes, and to 20 minutes during peak periods." What kind of workout is 20 minutes?? I have a completely biased, angry rant on this subject, which you can probably imagine fairly readily. I've decided that the diplomatic solution is to pretend like I didn't see the sign unless there are people waiting for a treadmill. 'Cause this chick ain't voluntarily subjecting her ITB to the 7-laps-per-mile indoor track. What would you do in this situation?

#3: 10, 2A (Narrow)
My Brooks Adrenalines are size 10, width 2A (narrow) (note: my street shoes are NOT a size 10. A fact I feel compelled to point out. My pretty shoes are a more feminine 8.5, thank you). This is, apparently, a size REI does not sell. Although my current shoes still feel fine, they have over 500 miles on them, so I'm cutting them off before they cut me off (right, Stephanie?!). Those of you who order running shoes online, where do you order from? I'm going to try a local running store tomorrow, but if that doesn't work I'm going to turn to the powers of the interwebs to help me find new kicks.

mileage: 410.1 + 4.3 + 4.1 + 6.4 = 424.9 miles


TNTcoach Ken said...

LOL....... Not a size 10! We weren't thinking that...... ha

Unknown said...

You're still running and so going to kick my ass at L&C. I'll try not too embarass you with a 5+ hour marathon.