Thursday, May 28, 2009

first track practice

Today was the first track workout of the season, and with little surprise, it kicked my butt. My leg muscles have been really tight recently. So tight, in fact, that I went home and iced them after practice, and during practice I felt like my legs just wouldn't move. I'm not sure what the deal is. If you have insights, leave a comment and let me know! The workout itself was one of my favorites--6 x 400m. I ran each 400 between 1:37 and 1:50. Big range, I know. I blame the fast early intervals on peer pressure. :)

71.4 + 3 = 74.4 miles

Before practice, Meg (who, thank goodness, has some time off from work) and I went to Body & Sole so I could get some new shoes. Here's a recap: we walked in and a sales person greeted us. I held up my old shoes and said "I need a new pair of these." He got said pair of shoes from the back. As we were waiting for him, I thought I might check out some other shoes just in case there was something else great out there. So when he came back I said, pointing at Meg, "she has these shoes now, but before she had these she had Saucony's and liked them better. I thought maybe I should try on a pair and see if I like them better, too." The sales person laughed (a habitual, nervous sort of laugh) and said, "Oh, I thought you were starting a story of something she wanted to say and you were just going to speak for her and not let her talk." A few minutes later he said that one of us smelled nice. The whole interaction was vaguely awkward. However, my new shoes are in much nicer colors than my old ones. They're shiny, and that makes me happy.

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