Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a decision on races

First, a mileage update
74.4 + 8 = 82.4 (5 this past Saturday and 3 today at the track. Running got a little fuzzy in between)

And finally, I have chosen my races for fall. I will be running the Chicago Rock & Roll Half in August, and the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October. I'm excited now that I have these decisions nailed down. I hear great things about the Detroit course, plus I'll get to see The Detroit Contingency (brother + sis-in-law + niece).

Otherwise in life, things have been a little bit crazy here. I think most of you know this already--my Mom has swine flu. Seriously. So it's been crazy getting up to speed on that and rearranging life a bit to accommodate the doctor-prescribed quarantine. She's feeling mostly better, and is medicated, thank goodness! My mother-in-law was visiting last weekend. She hadn't seen Elliot since Christmas! It was long overdue. She went with us to look at the proofs from his one year portraits. We also took E to the park on Saturday, and had a nice dinner out on Sunday at a local Mexican place. It was a nice weekend!


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your mom - that I didn't know.

Congrats though on choosing a few races. Chicago RNR is out for me - sold out.

Linnea said...

Where did you get the 1 year photos taken?