Wednesday, June 27, 2007

that might have been my unicorn

Today's track workout was the most pleasant of them yet. A mile warm-up, two strides (2x100), 3x1600 (three one-mile intervals), then two strides (2x100). Total: ~4.25 miles. We had to end before the cool-down because the sky was about to open up on us. It started to rain just a few minutes after we left. On man, what a storm! It was actually hard to see the road on the way home!

Anyway, the run felt ok. I was definitely sweating buckets (it was SO humid!), but that didn't bother me. I ran the miles in 7m46, 7m42, and 7m50ish. I suppose I could have run them 20 seconds faster, but our coach told us to pick a pace that we could sustain for three miles. It really wasn't bad!

Just a note, more to remind myself later than anything, that my right hip has been really tight after my runs recently. I haven't found a good way to stretch it yet. Even the day after a run sometimes it is tense, even though my legs never are. Anyone have any ideas?

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