Monday, June 4, 2007

30 minutes EZ

That's what the training manual said, so that's what I did. Just thirty minutes around Boulder Ridge and its adjoining subdivisions. There was a strong breeze from the north/northwest. The sun was bright at times and muted at others. My right knee started to hurt after about a mile and a half from where I hit it on my desk the other day, but it's just a bruise. All told it was a glorious and relaxing run. It felt recreational, rejuvenating.

And the tangential--the street two back from ours is really coming together! Last time I ran our subdivision there were a few houses built. Now it looks like a street, like part of the neighborhood. A few have already sold even. Google maps thinks that there is an entrance to our subdivision from Staley; Google is mistaken. I keep checking back in that corner of the development to see if a connector road is going in. No signs of one yet.

And the REALLY tangential--our garden is starting to look like a real garden! I think we're going to get some raspberries even this first year from the new bush. The tomatoes are looking good. Yesterday for the first time I saw a baby green pepper growing. I haven't seen peppers on the other pepper plants yet, but I'm thinking they should start to appear soon. Yay for fresh, home-grown food! We joke that we should plant some ears of Illinois is short on corn.

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