Monday, April 27, 2015

Training 2015.2 Kick-Off

Last week, after the Salt Lake Half, I did not train. I did not cross-train. I slept. And ate candy. And drank beer. In fact, I ran exactly this many miles:

A whopping five. 
I'm not sorry.

I am, however, READY to jump back in, full force, for training 2015.2. I'm now in training for the Utah Valley Half, and I have 7 weeks of training in which to finish my metamorphosis into a fine tuned racing machine (ha!). A few things are different from 2015.1, where I was focused on building my base, using the Salt Lake Half as a motivator.

  1. I will do every workout on my schedule, for the distance and pace specified. I did most workouts during 2015.1, but did skip usually 1 per week in favor of sleeping, and didn't do the full distance some days. And if you've been following, you know it was a fight to get close to those speed work paces at first. 
  2. I have a concrete goal. Unlike this year's first bout of training, where I was base-building, I now have a specific race time goal: 1:45. I will use this goal to motivate me. I will imagine the finish line. I will sweat and I will love it. 
  3. I'm looking forward to race weekend with a friend. My friend Rachel who ran with me last year is coming again! I cannot freakin' wait!! Adorably, my just-turned-3-year-old has been asking about her since she left last June. That's high praise! 
  4. For the first time in 8 years, I'm not running in Brooks Adrenalins. About 2 weeks ago I switched to Mizunos, but, they didn't take. The Salt Lake Running Company was great working with me, and let me swap them out for a pair of Brooks Ravennas. I've put 12 miles on them now and they are doing well, so I think we have a winner. I won't know really until I get to a crazy high mileage week, but I think we're good to go!
  5. I'm not starting from scratch on yoga. And this, I love. I have a long way to go on building core strength, but I feel like I have a start in this department. 
This morning I got the ball rolling with a 7 mile easy run. It felt good to be back out, the sun already starting its ascent as I stepped outside. Summer. Miles. Sun. Friends. I love it all. 

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