Monday, May 6, 2013

Running + Images I LOVE

Maybe it's because I'm obsessed right now with online house hunting and looking at decorating blogs and sites. I don't know. But I'm way into seeing everything through pictures. And so I declare this Monday: I love running pics Monday!

First up, though a bit belated, part of the amazing stand that the running community took against violence. All proceeds donated to the One Fund Boston + great, functional headband = total win.
Yes, I'm aware that I'm wearing it backwards. And that I'm sweaty. 
Not my best thought through self picture. 

As you all know, we are planning a big (!) move west this summer. About a week ago I decided on a color scheme for our new (yet un-identified) living room. Stop-light green with accents of darker green, grays, and a coordinating cream. I've been fantasizing about our new space and how stylish and welcoming it will feel. Then on Saturday, I was headed into the first small hill of my long run and realized where, without a doubt, I'd gotten this idea. I love that I'll think of the park here from 1500 miles away.

And, uh...this one is just stupid. On my part. It's not even the right set of letters. D'oh!

Happy running pictures! Anyone else take pictures like this?

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Pinterest has so many great house ideas! Hope your move goes smoothly and you find your dream house. The green living room sounds awesome.