Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Recap: Kind of a big deal

Before getting into the details of it, I have to stop and celebrate the big picture! I give you this:
February was my highest mileage month in 21 months. Twenty-one months! Since Cleveland 2011! 

Some details:
# runs: 13
# other workouts: 1
total miles: 65.4
thing that helped the most: hands down, the RW 2-hour half-marathon training schedule, as published a few years ago and clipped from the issue
thing that got in the way: being sick. From Friday afternoon until really yesterday mid-day, I was out of commission. I forced myself to go to work for a bit on Monday because I had a guest speaker coming in. Otherwise, I was useless. This wiped out last week's long run, Monday's easy run, and yesterday's speed work. 
current need: new running pants. Not tights, pants. Happily, I am finally working on this. (thanks again, Red!) 
bane of my existence: nothing really
current excitement: I am still absolutely loving my Brooks winter running jacket. It's awesome. Also, how to put this gently (NSFD: Not Safe for Dudes)....I have finally freed up a lot of time, rid myself of one machine, and we are slowly regaining freezer space. Bittersweet, and absurdly liberating. 
favorite run of the month: no question, my 9 miler. I was a little intimidated by it going in, and it turned out to be really enjoyable, not to mention empowering!! Of course, my run/yoga/bake event was also a lot of fun. I loved the pictures you shared!

March promises to be another big month, as I complete the training cycle for my April 6 half, the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon!


Black Knight said...

A very good running month, congrats.
Good luck on march and on the half in April.

Jen Feeny said...

Congrats on your biggest month back yet! Woo hoo!!!