Monday, March 26, 2012

Mondays in Love: The Marathon

First, what you all want to know--I'm still pregnant. Not sure for how much longer though! Don't forget to enter last week's Baby Pool.

I know The Marathon sounds like a strange thing for someone 9 months pregnant to claim love for. In all honesty, I'm seeing all the spring time runners out and about and while they make me smile, I have a little jealousy, too. So why am I loving on the marathon so much right now? Because strangely, it has some parallels to late-stage pregnancy.

Today my friend Kayla and I hung out for a while. I love this girl. She's awesome and has been there for me so many times throughout this pregnancy.

Today she came to take a walk down to Panera with me. It's maybe 0.4-0.5 miles each way. While we were texting about getting together she said that if we got down there and I decided I couldn't walk back she could come home and get a car. This inspired me to wear my race tag necklace. I wear two tags--one with my marathon PR (Cleveland) and one with my half-marathon PR (Martian). I love these tags.

I told Kayla that I'd finished 3 marathons, so I could for sure make it home from Panera. She pointed out that I hadn't finished 3 marathons with a baby just a mere few inches from breathing outside air. True, true. But I get a lot of confidence and a lot of strength from knowing, knowing that no matter how uncomfortable I may be right now, walking half a mile is still nothing compared to facing those last 6 miles of a marathon once the wheels have fallen off. I love that I can know this with absolute certainty. Thank you, marathon.

My next Monday in Love might be a tribute to a new baby!! It could happen any day now. Stay tuned everyone!


Marla said...

I am getting so excited for you! I wish I could be there to lend a hand! Saying prayers and sending good thoughts your way!

Marlene said...

I bet runners are the best baby carriers and deliver-ers!

Raquelita said...

Love this! I hope that your baby arrives safely and soon.