Saturday, November 12, 2011

Unsweet tea: revelations of running

I'm back from Florida. Old people are cute. And the running ain't bad either.

From the hotel, it was just a few blocks to the Key of Brickell, which is very small and almost entirely hotels, with a pedestrian-only path around the perimeter. I ran a few laps around the island (key?), joyously soaking up the water views and palm trees. I am really thankful for these chances to see and run in other landscapes from time to time!

A weird thing happened while I was gone. I found myself faced with the choice between sweet and unsweet tea at a restaurant. And I ordered unsweet. This can only mean that I've lived too far north for too long, right? Next thing you know I will be able to pronounce the word "Lysol" like a Yankee and will enunciate the"l" at the end of "school" consistently. Perish the thought! :)


Elle said...

I am always so surprised when someone asks me sweetened or unsweetened... good for you for getting out for a nice run in a new spot. I love to do that.

Black Knight said...

It is very nice to run through other places and cities.
I cannot imagine unsweet tea.
Beautiful pictures.

KDot said...

Repeat after me:

Winona took her spider on a tour of the school.