Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Recap

Miles ran: 44.6. Not what I wanted, but I'm happy with it anyway. More on this coming in another post soon.

# runs: 11

Highest mileage week: 16.2

Long runs: 0 (but I now have the go-ahead to tack on miles! YAY!)

Pace workouts: 5 (I just deleted the tempo/interval line from the recaps, since they won't reappear for quite some time)

XT days:  surprisingly none. Oops.

Favorite run: All my runs have been 4 milers for a while with the pace varying somewhat from day to day. My run on 9/13 was my favorite because it was the first time in a long time that my pace approached what I'm used to (still ~20 seconds/mile slower, but that's a huge improvement) and it felt easy. Put a huge smile on my face! This pic is something I pass on every run and it always makes me smile, so I thought I would include it here too. 

Current goal: Find running clothes to accommodate this without spending a fortune. I am beyond thrilled to discover that there are options now, where 4 years ago with my son I just ran in cotton in January. Huge, HUGE thumbs up to the running world for this!

Current obsession: The same things I've been obsessed with for about 3 months and just haven't been able to tell you about until recently. :)

Current need: See Current Goal  

Current excitement: Telling the world about THIS, obviously!! 

Current bane of my existence: Food. It's still really hard for me to eat a lot of the time. Or to be around other people eating. Or, when I do eat, to eat real food.  

Current wish list: See Current Need and Current Goal. Also, some more Halloween decorations! I bought a few things last weekend and am pretty excited that it's finally October.   

Current indulgence: We went to see the Addams Family (musical) here the other night and I bought this bib for the new kid. I wish all baby clothes were this sardonic. Just kidding. Sort of. I really have had a life-long love for humor like Chas Addams and Edward Gorey. I just love it. 

Otherwise, buying myself a few new fall clothes items. While I hate spending money on clothes I'm going to wear for one season, it is fun to have a good excuse to do it. And I am picking up a few things that will last longer, like some fabulous flat boots. How did I live without these?!?


Raquelita said...

I, for one, want to see those fabulous new flat boots! It sounds like September was a good month for you.

Marlene said...

Happy Shopping!!!