Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I have three things to tell you, it's a Thursday, so let's do this!
  1. A big THANK YOU to Jodi over at Run Jodi Run for spotlighting me today. I've had so much fun getting to know her and am thrilled and honored to be part of her blog for the day! Read it here. You might learn a thing or two about me. :)
  2. Yesterday was National Running Day. I ran 4.8 miles and added it to the miles reel. They were hoping to get 500,000 miles and ended up with about 12,000. Er...that's embarrassing! Did you know there's an International Mustard Day (August 5th, don't ask how I know)? Why shouldn't we have a Running Day?!? Mustard versus Running--I'm gonna be really sad if Mustard has more Facebook friends. 
  3. Summer has arrived! That means more frequent water stops while running, more time outside, a still-crazy-but-less-scheduled work life, and a few of my favorite things--painting (aka, finishing decorating) and staring longingly at the empty space where our back-ordered porch furniture belongs blowing bubbles with the kiddo.


Anonymous said...

great interview!

Marlene said...

Oh yikes, that is pretty pathetic!! LOL at Mustard Day! There must be a day for everything.

Hope your furniture arrives SOON!

Stacia said...

Nice, Joanna!

Unknown said...

Should have ordered the front-ordered furniture. It would have ben there by now. Especially since it appears you are putting it on the front porch per the picture. :0)

B.o.B. said...

loved the spotlight! and yeah, i also love mustard but not as much as i love running.