Thursday, March 31, 2011

March recap

this will be my last transmission from Earth's Central Time Zoneer, this will be my last blog post before the Martian Half. The kiddo and I head out tomorrow and we're ready for an awesome weekend. Mr. Joanna is ready for a long weekend of mostly yard work at home, sadly. But before heading out, the March Recap!

Miles planned/ran: 141/128.9
Rest days planned/taken: 5/6
Highest mileage week: 36.8
Long runs planned/ran: 4/3.5 (because this happened)
Pace workouts planned/ran: 3/3 
XT days planned/done: 5/5
Tempo or interval runs planned/ran: 5/5
Favorite run: I'm going to have to say my 16-miler. I had some fun and confidence-boosting tempo and pace workouts, but the 16-miler had gorgeous weather and I got my pacing right FTW. 
Current goal: sub-2 half on Saturday!!
Current obsession: see Current goal.
Current need: new dress pants, because nothing I own fits. See "current excitement," and no, I am not pregnant. 
Current excitement: too many to choose from~the trip this weekend, my continuing weight loss (thank you, sparkpeople!), and a visit from The Beastie next week!!
Current bane of my existence: the big toe on my right foot. Yep, still hurts. 
Current wish list: Crabtree & Evelyn lavender shower gel. I'm almost out and I always feel like it's a luxury to buy it. 
Current indulgence: As an early birthday present, my Mom bought me a necklace that I fell in love with while we were strolling around a boutique a few neighborhoods over. It's gorgeous and I love it! 

Special March Addition to the recap:
I've finally picked a name for the new Garmin: Clepsydra. This was a nomination from RunningFirst and I really like it. It's Greek for water clock/water thief. What better name for a running accessory could there be?!? Thank you for all the name suggestions! 


Jen Feeny said...

Excellent March my dear! Can't wait to meet you this weekend!!!! Sub-2 is yours!!!

Marla said...

Good luck!!! Enjoy your time in Detroit.

Heather said...

Sounds like a busy month!!

Good luck!

Run Jess Run said...

Can't wait to meet you this weekend! Rock that PR!

Marlene said...

Joanna, it was so nice to meet you too! Thanks for saying hi. We should have taken a picture! DOH!

Congrats on your race today - looking forward to the recap!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the killer sub 2 half. I love living through your success. Maybe a sub 4 full someday soon. Not saying Cleveland, but some day.