Saturday, March 5, 2011

::for the record::

for the record
All the smack talk about RunningFirst and the Challenge is completely in jest. He and I are friends. I harbor absolutely no ill will toward the man, and I believe him entirely about all aspects of the communication gap we suffered. This is meant purely in fun. And as a means of keeping him motivated, which he's told me many times he appreciates. RunningFirst coached me through a horrible injury during my Marathon #1 training cycle--I could never have done it without his help. And he ran Marathon #2 with me--with killer hills late in the race and everything. And he helped me write my training plan for Marathon #3 (Cleveland!!) and gave me some confidence about it. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for all of this. All of this is meant purely in fun.

...and the Garmin nominations now include
Forest (in honor of my first running buddy)
The Tattler (because it lets you get away with nothing)
Clepsydra (Greek name for water clock/water thief)
Paula (in honor of both the fabulous TNT Coach Paula, who I miss so much, and my own family, which you can probably figure out if you happen to know my middle name)

I like them all!! Please vote and/or add your nominations!


Damaris said...

Hmmm... I really like Forest and Clepsydra. Sounds like training is going really well and I'm really proud of you. Hubby and I drove up to Champaign for dinner last night and he asked me if I missed all of my running buddies at LOW. I'm not sure he understands how much I miss all of you guys. I haven't been running, but one of my classmates wants to get started this coming week. :)

Unknown said...

Of curse it is all in fun. If it wasn't fun we wouldn't do it. And you, yourself, have been a great friend to me and helped me through some tough times.

Hear, here to running fools. I mean buds!